Cloth Shin & Instep Guard

  • Product Code: STL-KGU-0031

Keeping your feet and legs protected during sparring is just as important as protecting any other vulnerable part of your body. Our Cloth Shin & Instep Guards are designed to keep your kickers free from serious injury during any form of martial arts sparring.

Consisting of a thick inner foam pad wrapped with a 100% cotton stretch material, these cloth guards slip on like a sock and hug just as tightly.

Whether your training in taekowndo or kicking up a kickboxing storm, you'd do well to pick up a pair of these Cloth Shin & Instep Guards. 

Sold As A Pair 

Product Details:

EVA Foam Padding - Keep your feet and legs protected!

Elastic Cloth Outer Layer - Maintains a soft, snug fit!

100% Cotton Cloth - Lightweight and easy maintenance!

Also Available in polyester

Size as per your request