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Pole Dance Upper Arm Protectors For Pole Dancing With Tack Strips

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  • Product Code:STR-PDAP-106
  • Availability:In Stock

Tags: Pole Dance Upper Arm Protectors For Pole Dancing With Tack Strips

Pole Dance Upper Arm Protectors with Tack Strips

The Arm Protectors can be used with or without the tack strips.

Just turn the bands so the tack strips are facing in so you can grip the pole.  This will allow for better gripping for learning and practicing the more difficult arm holds on the Dance Pole.

If you prefer not to use the tack strips, turn the arm bands so the tack strips are on the outside of your arm.  This will offer a layer of protection while still allowing you to easily turn and slide up and down the Dance Pole. 

Available in 4 sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium and Large.